A man c h o o s e s.  [A slave o b e y s]


beep boop i goddamn love doritos beep beep


space funeral fanart woop woop


Fan art for the ever-amazing Winterheart! 

Ah, only six hours and four cups of tea later.



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look mom i got you 100 feathers so you can get over the brutal and unneccesary deaths of your husband and children
ezio auditore probably



things we should never forget under any circumstances

  1. effing
  2. the fact that togami didn’t know what a vending machine was and naegi had to explain it to him
  3. Idk if anyone’s uploaded this part of school mode yet but if naegi asks him if he can cook togami’s like ‘wtf r u talking about isn’t that the chef’s job’ implying that he does not understand that other people do not have chefs
  4. once naegi answered one of his questions right so he said this image
  5. who literally just shouts at someone else that they’re interesting??? who does th
  6. "Togami-kun finished talking, slowly turned his body around…and then took off with a sudden burst of speed, sprinting out of the cafeteria."
  7. image
  8. I literally refuse to have any elitist ever tell me again that calling Togami a nerd isn’t okay because look at this. look at this


I can’t believe I forgot the most important one

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